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Welcome to East Java

  East Java has a variety of attractions, from temple sites to scenic beaches, a sand-sea, highland-lakes, volcanoes, marine gardens and wildlife reserves.

As the power in Central Java declined around the tenth century, powerful kingdoms rose in East Java to fill the vacuum. Between 1055 and 1222, the kingdom of Kediri prospered and expanded. During the reign of king Erlangga both East Java and Bali enjoyed a lucrative trade with the surrounding islands when their arts flourished.

Parts of the Mahabarata epic were translated and reinterpreted to conform closer to the East Javanese outlook and philosophy, and it was from this era that East Java inherited much of its treasure of temple art. In 1292 the Majapahit dynasty began an empire that was to dominate the entire archipelago, the Malay peninsula and part of the Philippines. Majapahit also established profitable trade relations with China and other countries of the South East Asian region. Today the open-air amphi theater at Pandaan tells some of the stories of this glorious past. Aided by the Java Ballet performances against a backdrop of distant volcanoes, any traveler will be easily enthralled by the East Java experience, capturing the spirit of the province's culture and scenery. Its capital, Surabaya is second to Jakarta in size, population and commerce. East Java is also the most industrialized province in the nation. Its economy is based on agriculture, fishery, oil industries, coffee, mangoes and apples.

Connected with the rest of Java by good motor roads and train services, there are also air services between Surabaya and other major cities in the country including Bali which is only half an hour's flight a way. It is also easily accessible by road and regular ferry from Bali and Java. The island of Madura, famous for its bull races, is part of the province of East Java, though it has its own traditions and language.

BromoMagnificent mountain scenery include the crater and sea of sand at Mount Bromo, the "sulfur mountain" Welirang and rugged lien Plateau. Little of the Majapahit empire's former glory still stands in East Java to day with the exception of temple ruins and some archaeological discoveries. East Java's claim to fame in modern history is its vanguard role in the struggle for independence against colonial forces in 1945.

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