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Bali is enriched by it`s indegenious and unique culture, arts, traditional dance & drama, custom, tradition, belief, spectacular panorama. All aspects are blended in a balance of an eternal search for peace.

Balinese Dance

Dance is the main art form in Balinese culture, performed at the main temple festivals and in ceremonies of the cycle of life and death. The range of dances in hotels and on special stages is only a small fraction of what Balinese dance has to offer.

There are several dances that could excite you. There is the kecak - perhaps the most popular of all Balinese dances, the barong, is the magical protector of Balinese villages, the gambuh - a classical form of dance-drama, the topeng, which is traditional masked dance, the Baris or the warrior's dance, legong, the Dance of the Heavenly Nymphs, the kebyar which is a flashy modern dance and the Shanghyang Dedari, the ritual trance dance.


The most important institution in Bali, temples reflect the important role religion plays in the life of the Balinese. A temple is a place for communicating with the divine spirits through offerings and prayers. On holy days, when the deities and ancestral spirits descend from heaven to visit earth, the temples, become centres of activity.
Temple festivals are guide by purification by the sprinkling of holy water. Whole communities take part in these festivals, bringing baskets of food and flowers for offerings. While pura means temple, a puri is the residence of local prince, which may function as a cultural centre.
Music, dances, food, flowers, and fruits scarificed began as part of temple rituals to please the Gods an to placate evil spirit. Following the caste system of Hindu and some of its other rites and beliefs like reincarnation, one of the greatest ceremonies are cremations, meant to liberate the souls ready for rebirth. Burial is only temporary to give the family time to prepare or waiting for more to have a common cremation with the community.

Bali's Beaches

For many tourists visiting Bali, images of palm-fringed beaches are uppermost in their mind and probably the biggest single reason for purchasing thet ticket to paradise.
The reality is more than this. While the palm-fringed beaches do exist, there are also the wild coastline and black sandy beaches in the west, the exciting surf, the sparkling lagoons of Lembongan island, as well as the quiet coves in the north.

Kuta Beach is by far the most popular and the whitest beach in Bali, attracting all ages and nationalities. The beach extends from Canggu to the airport in Tuban. It is ideal for those wishing to combine a beach holiday with testing their surfing skills. Kuta beach continues to grow in popularity and is a fantastic place to soak up the warm sun.

Sunset Legian. This beach has been called the United Nations of beaches where locals, expatriates and tourists mingle, bargain, play football, indulge in a massage, catch up on reading, meditate or exercise.

Tuban Beach. Between Kuta and the airport, Tuban Beach is lined with big hotels. Less frantic than Kuta, it is a wonderful place to simply grab a lounger, a good book and relax. It is safe to swim here, thanks to the hotel lifeguards.

Sanur Beach. A calm, quiet lagoon area, Sanur Beach offers great conditions for windsurfing, parasailing, and other recreational activities. The chic address of many of Bali's rich and famous since the 1930's, Sanur has a lively history and is still cherished by many. The strecth from the Grand Bali Beach to beyond the Bali Hyatt is served by a beach path, making it possible to enjoy the many hotels and restaurants along the strip. The calm waters of Sanur beach make it very popular with families.

Nusa Dua Beach. Nusa Dua was designed with luxury in mind. Numerous bigname hotels line the beautiful sandy beaches which offer excellent swimming in a protected lagoon. Some resorts have private beaches however most are accessible.

Jimbaran Beach. Jimbaran is a sleepy cove where fleets of fishing boats colour the scene. Since the opening of The Four Seasons Resort Bali and the Bali Inter Continental, this once-quiet area has now become a popular resort in Bali. Local families and tourists are drawn by its beauty, and to enjoy the food of the superb and calm waters attract many people. It is very popular spot for windsurfing and small sailing craft, which are available for rent.



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