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Lombok Daily Tours


Highlights: Our first stop is Mayura, the Royal Court of former Balinese Kings, which was built in 1744. Its main feature is the artificial lake with a floating hall. Next is the main market of Lombok, known as Mandalika Public Market, where one can buy clothing's, fruits and vegetables, spices, everyday utensils, in fact almost anything!  Then proceed to Lingsar Temple, which is used by both Hindus and Moslems for devotions and then to Narmada Royal Palace, the name of which was derived from a holy river in India. We then continue up into the hills to Suranadi Forest, where you can trek through the forest. It's then time for a break and you can relax and enjoy lunch at the Suranadi Hotel (lunch not included). (Approx. 5 hrs.).


Highlights: This tour is a combination of scenic landscape and traditional home industries. Your first visit is to the Holy Mt. Pengsong where you will be welcomed by a group of friendly monkeys. After a short climb you will reach the top of Mt. Pengsong from where you have great views of the surrounding countryside. The trip continues to Banyumulek where you will observe the simple process of pottery makings, and then Getap blacksmith village to observe the people works in their simple kilns, to Mandalika Public Market to observe varied products of the island, then to Rungkang Handicraft Village with various items and souvenirs. (Approx. 5 hrs.).


Highlights:  Amongst the handicrafts of Lombok are many woven items, and this tour takes you to the villages to see how it's done. Our first stop is the rattan basket weaving village of Beleka in Central Lombok, where they make various baskets, woodcarvings and furniture. The trip continues to Tanjung Luar Fishing Village, where you can observe large catches such as sharks, stingrays, big tunas and cacaps etc. We then go North to Kota Raja ( Loyok ) Village where they make baskets, wallets etc. from plaited bamboo. Next we drive up to the village of Tete Batu, situated on the Southern slopes of Mt. Rinjani and the home of the black monkeys. Here we stop for lunch at an Old Dutch style guesthouse (lunch not included). The restaurant offers great views of the surrounding countryside. On the way back to your hotel we visit Narmada Summer Palace and Rungkang Handicraft Village. (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights:  A comprehensive tour beginning with a visit to the village of Sukarara, a traditional village weaving village where the cloth is made for their everyday sarongs. Next is Penujak Village, where they make pottery for everyday use - simple in design and primitive in style. Then continue South to the traditional villages of Sengkol and Rambitan where you can see how the locals live in hyperbolic shaped, thatched huts, before proceeding to the coast and to Kuta Beach. Here you can enjoy the beach with time for lunch at a local restaurant (lunch not included). For the energetic, climb the promontory for the spectacular views over bays and beaches. Afternoon, we return to hotel. (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights:  This tour combines some Lombok's unique attraction and delightful scenery. Our first stop is at the local markets of Lendang Bajur, where one can buy daily commodities, such as rice, vegetables, fish and spices, before continuing on to Pusuk Forest to see monkeys in their natural habitat. We then proceed to Sendanggila Waterfall, which is located at the foot of Mt. Rinjani. For the energetic you may follow up stream of the river to the first waterfall, the attraction is more fascinating. After lunch stop at the area local restaurant (lunch not included) you may continue the trip to Senaru Sasak Village, where you can observe traditional architecture and life style. On the return journey, you also may stop at Sire Beach for an attractive beach view. Then we continue the return journey through the coastal road, which offers great views of the three offshore islands and on to your hotel. (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights:  Here is your chance to see some of the natural beauty of Lombok. We begin travelling North following the inland road through the hills and the Pusuk Forest to see monkeys, which line the roadsides (take some fruits or nuts to feed them). Continue down to the coast and to the village of Pemenang, where you board the outrigger for the 20-minute crossing to Gili Air. This island is renowned for its superb snorkeling, as crystal clear waters and a reef of tropical corals and millions of multicolored fish surround it. There are numerous small losmens and bungalows dotted around the island that also have simple restaurants where you can buy lunch (lunch not included). Return by outrigger to the mainland and then follow the coastal road South to Senggigi area. Travel up and over headlands and down through numerous bays; the scenery is stunning. (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights: This is an opportunity to explore the smaller island, which is situated in the southwest of Lombok. This tour will take you to Gili Nanggu, one of the smaller isles of Sekotong Area. There some places en route where you are suggested to call by before reaching Tawun Harbor. Take your first stop at Labuapi Woodcarving Village, where you can buy Lombok souvenir of woods or even observe the woodcarvers at works. You also may stop at Banyumulek Pottery Village to get your Lombok pottery or just to observe the pottery making process. Photo stop can be made at Lembar for an attractive Lembar Port Harbor view, or may you be interested in the bay view complete with locals' fishing houses afloat in the water - you just tell the tour guide for a photo stop. You will get aboard the outrigger boat at Tawun Harbor, and on for approximately 20 minutes across to Gili Nanggu. Get your free activity here for snorkeling, swimming, or just relaxing on the island's white sandy beach. This island has a restaurant where you can buy lunch (lunch not included). Afternoon, we return to hotel. (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights:  Our land cruise takes you around the top half of the island. Firstly we take the coastal road, which offers great views out to sea. Stop at Malimbu, from where you have great view of the offshore islands. Then continue to Senaru and take a short walk to Sendanggila Waterfall. From here proceed to Sembalun and visit garlic plantations; at an altitude of some 2.500 meters, the panoramic views are magnificent. Follow the Eastward and down to Sapit, renowned for its rice paddy terraces and the scenic panorama over Alas Strait to Sumbawa Island. You can take a lunch stop here, and we suggest you would provide yourself with lunch-box in this tour (lunch not included). On the return, we pass through the center of Lombok and stop at Narmada Royal Summer Palace, then to Rungkang Handicraft Village. Our last stop is at Batu Bolong Temple near Senggigi to catch the sunset. (Approx. 9 to 10 hrs.).


Highlights:  Here is a chance for those 'anglers' to try their skills with local equipment. Enjoy a day's fishing in traditional steady, outrigger boat with outboard motor. Tackle and bait will be provided and you can chose from two different locations: off the shore of Gili Terawangan to the North, or off the island of Gili Genting to the southwest. Both areas are well-known fishing grounds. It's an easy hop ashore for lunch at any local restaurants (lunch not included). (Approx. 8 hrs.).


Highlights: This is the opportunity to experience the Lombok Golf Courses. You may opt any one of the two international standard golf courses below where you can test your skill on golf-stick. Rinjani Golf Country Club is an 18-hole golf course with championship standard, has several suites, restaurant and golf club. It is located in Peresak Village, Narmada, and some 30 minutes from Mataram or 45 minutes from Senggigi. Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club is your second option. It is also an 18-hole golf course, located in Sire Beach, Pemenang, and some 45 minutes from Mataram or Senggigi. (Approx. 8 hrs).


Highlights:  This diving tour is highlighting the rich marine beauty of the North Islands, namely Gili Terawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and an amazing diversity of marine life, are featured in this tour. We have reserved plenty of dive spots with difference attractions from the surrounding sites of these islands. Blue coral playgrounds, the drop walls and reefs, the Second World War shipwreck, and the amazing sea creature watches, are amongst the attractions of this adventure. We ensure you that our dive operator is holding a P.A.D.I. certification, and has experienced the areas to every detail. Thus, this tour will begin from meeting and picking up service from your hotel and proceed on driving North-ward heading to Teluk Nare Beach, where an outrigger boat is awaiting for your diving tour. It is easy to hope around the three islands, where some nice restaurants are available, for a lunch stop (lunch not included). In the afternoon, you will return back to your hotel and be with your particular memories. Tour inclusions: return transportation on AC coach, boat, two time dive, qualified P.A.D.I. Dive Master or Instructor, cold towel / beach towel, drinking water and refreshment, first aid, life vest, oxygen, life insurance. (Approx. 8 hrs)


Highlights:  This is our Special Activity Tour designed for individual or group of young and middle-age travelers. The tour highlights are the rich floras, the local farms and the native lives of Karang Bayan and its surroundings. When opportunity arises the soft-trekking tour participants will be offered to taste the sweet 'tuak' from palm sugar, various fruits, such as rambutan, mangostine, durian, pineapple, or anything, of the area and on the season. Our participants will also have the chance to observe the locals at works, get mingle with them in their traditional village. Several baskets of plaited elephant grass are also produced in this village. At the end of the soft trekking, the participants will be taken to Suranadi mountain resort where a cool watered pool is available, and a restaurant where you can buy lunch (lunch not included). (Approx. 5-6 hrs).


Highlights: East of Bali, across the Lombok Strait, lays the island of Lombok, a new destination of your discovery. Lombok Escapade Tour is a one-day-tour program from Bali, and it is an alternative that allows opportunity to experience the exotic of Lombok in a set-up tour program. Tour itinerary can be made up depending on your arrival and departure point and the length of time available. However, the touring objects you would be recommended to visit are as follows: Banyumulek the pottery village, Sukarara the traditional weaving village, Narmada the Summer Palace, Karang Bayan the Sasak Village, Lingsar the holiest and the most unique temple of Lombok, Senggigi Beach the most popular tourist center of Lombok and the Mandalika Public Market. Lombok Escapade Tour, surely, would guarantee an exciting tour and everlasting experience.

(Inclusions: Sic. AC Transportation, meeting service at point of arrival; i.e. Airport / Harbor, all donations and admission fees, Tour Guide (speaking in English, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, French or Mandarin), Lunch on a set-menu at local restaurant).

Note: Arrival and departure points can be adjusted accordingly.