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East Java - Places of Interest


A booming city of over 3 million, Surabaya offers many good hotels, shopping centres and entertainment. Its well stocked zoological garden include several species of Indonesian fauna like "orang utan", komodo dragon and a collection of nocturnal animals. Kalimas is an old traditional harbour for the world famous Bugis schooner "pinisi" which sailed the Indonesia seas for hundreds of years. At present those praus can still be seen in their former glory with big colourful sails.
Mpu Tantular Museum, well-stocked with archaeological art and cultural items from prehistoric times until independence.
Across the Strait Madura, half an hour by ferry from Surabaya is the island of Madura, famous for its unique bull races held each year after harvest season.
For groups, the races can be arranged on request. The Regional Tourism Offices of East Java provides a monthly calendar of events of the races.

Mount Bromo
One of the most exciting experiences is watching the sun rise from the crest of the Bromo volcano which is a three-hour drive from Surabaya, followed by a pony ride from the village of Ngadisari over a sea of sand to the food of the volcano. Ascend the 50 steps to reach the rim.
On the vast expanse of sand, formerly a caldera, there are two volcanoes: the extinct Batok which is a perfect cone and the Bromo.
Volcanic sulphur fumes. while during intense rumbling sounds the surrounding population who believes in the God of Bromo quickly brings offerings.
The annual offering ceremony of Kasada is held on the 1 4th day of Kasada, the twelfth month in the Tenggerese calendar year.
In 1991 it was held on November 23-24. It is a colourful event where villagers from the surrounding areas bring their produce of sacrifice to the holy volcano.

Ponorogo is located southwest of Surabaya at a distance of 200 km. A bigger town closest to it is Madiun, which lies on the main highway between Surabaya and points west of it in Central Java. So, out of Madiun it would be a sidetrip to Ponorogo, if you care to witness the Festival Reyog, held here on the 17th of August each year, highlighting the area's traditional drama and dance. Otherwise you may want to visit Ngebel Lake nearby, whereas batiks and basketry of this region are also well-known.

Baluran National Park/Wildlife Reserve
Located at the eastern tip of East Java, just off the Surabaya - Banyuwangi mainroad, it is dry country-side of open forests and scrubland, bordered at the coast by marshes, swampy groves and white beaches. A landrover or jeep is perhaps the only vehicle that can stand the long hauls accross these rugged grassy plains. Here, the banteng wild ox, deer and birds can be photographed in their natural habitat.

Trowulan - Pandaan - Tretes
The surroundings of Trowulan village is believed to be the site of the ancient capital of Majapahit. Archaeological excavations in the area have recovered many terracotta ornaments, statues, pottery and stone carvings which are displayed at the Trowulan Museum. The map in the museum is a guide to nearby sites of historical interest.
The Candra Wilwatika open-air theatre in Pandaan, 45 km south of Surabaya presents classical East Javanese ballet performances on each full moon night from June to November The performances are based either on the Ramayana stories or East Java's legends and folklore. The backdrop of Mt. Pananggungan gives the performances an enchanting experience.
Up to ten km from Chandra Wilwatika is Tretes, one of the most beautiful mountain resorts of East Java. Hotels and roads cling to the hillside with swimming pools for a dip in the cool climate. Horses are also available for hire. Camping ground is available near the Kakek Bodo waterfall.