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The Balinese had already owned their belief and culture when Hinduism was brought into Indonesia about 2000 years ago. Around 400 AD, the Hindu kingdom in Central and East Java had their great influence over Bali, but when the new religion, Islam came in the Hindu kingdoms in Java became less and less powerful. At that time a large of priests, noblemen, artists, and their followers refused the new religion and escaped to Bali. They blended their belief and tradition with those of the local people, a blend of which inherited by present Balinese people, the rich culture which is instead of the scenic beauty of the island, has attracted more and more visitors from time to time. The stronghold of their religion and traditions may be the main factor that enables them to preserve their culture from the outside influences.

The populations of about 3.500.000 people mainly live on agriculture with rice as the staple food. The other crops, among others, are: coconut, maize, soybean, cassava, coffee, clove, vanilla, etc. Bali is also known for its wide variety of tropical fruit, such as: mango, banana, jackfruit, watermelon, salak, the thornyskinned, durian, the tasty but smelly one, grape and many others.

Everyday life in Bali merges with social duties and religious obligations while the art reflects an unnoticed integration of environment, religion and cultimunity in which individual is a part. The organizations of the villages, land cultivation up to the creations of art are communal efforts. A village in Bali is the central place for its people while family is the basic unit of the Balinese society, which is grouped into "Banjar", the group until of several families.